Hotel Astral


Hotel Astral

Raszyn k. Warszawy
Al. Krakowska 20 B
05-090 Raszyn


Bank account number

00 000 000 000 000 000

(22) 716 32 70

or 694 402 208
(22) 465-86-18

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Hotel Astral


The Astral roadside inn has many advantages due to its convenient location.
It is located at the main road connecting Warsaw with Krakow and Katowice, just 10 km from the city center of Warsaw and 7 km from the Okecie airport.
The proximity of our hotel from the Okecie airport is undoubtedly one of the advantages for all those, who travel often by planes.
If you want to find a comfortable accommodation near the airport, our hotel in Raszyn seems to be the perfect solution.
Moreover, there are numerous shopping centers and shops in the vicinity of the hotel.
Just 100 meters from the road, there is a bus stop, which provides excellent transport connections to Warsaw.
The proximity of the park and the Stawy Raszynskie nature reserve allow for jogging and walking in greenery.